Best Hollywood Adventure Movies

Adventure films are always a film buff’s delight. The display of action scenes exploring various exotic locations are always a treat to the eyes. Adventure films include many sub genres including period drama, epic films, survival films, disaster films and road films etc. Hollywood over the generations have produced some great adventure movies. Let us take a look at some of the best adventure films of all time.

  1. Gladiator

Gladiator is a 2001 movie directed by Ridley Scott. The movie showcases the Roman period in a remarkable way. The movie tells the story of a Roman military general, Maximus who is chosen as the protector of the Rome by the emperor Marcus Aurelius. Maximus faces the wrath of Aurelius’ power hungry son Commodus, as Maximus’ family is killed and he is betrayed and put into the Gladiator games to die. Maximus returns as a Gladiator to seek his revenge. Russell Crowe’s brilliant acting style and the seemingly perfect action scenes makes “Gladiator” an amazing cinematic piece.


Cristopher Nolan brings on the screen a great adventure packed, imaginative and entertaining movie, “Inception”. The character of Dom Cobb, a corporate thief is portrayed by Leonardo Dicaprio. Cobb has a rare and unique ability, a rather dangerous craft of stealing secrets from the subconscious of people during their dreaming state, when the mind is at the most vulnerable state. Cobb soon with this ability becomes an international fugitive who in the process of stealing loses everything that he ever cared for. But he is offered this one last job that could get him his redemption. Instead of stealing secrets he is now entrusted to plant something into someone’s subconscious, a process called ‘Inception’ which is rather difficult to carry out. Cobb assembles his team for one last time but he has to save his team from the dangerous enemy that only he can see. Inception is not only an original film but bagging 4 Oscars it rewards the viewers with the attention that it demands.

3. Interstellar

Interstellar is another adventure movie by Cristopher Nolan that showcases a team of space explorers through their journey in a space wormhole. The Astronauts believe this wormhole may lead to a planet that may be able to sustain human life. The lead character Cooper is dealt with a rough hand to stay as earth decays or to risk travelling to the wormhole while leaving his children behind to find a habitable planet for the human race. Cristopher Nolan’s Space epic “Interstellar” visually and conceptually proven to be an intergalactic Extravaganza

4. Black Sea

Black Sea is a Disaster Thriller movie that tells the story of a veteran under-sea salvage captain, Robinson played by Jude Law. Robinson who is recently divorced and estranged from his son, meets up with a friend named Kurtson and a Russian named Blackie. Together a hatch a plan to make some money. Kurtson informs them about a submarine that had sunk during World War-II and is believed to be loaded with gold. Robinson cuts a deal with a shady backer called Lewis and goes on an adventure under the depths of the Black Sea. The movie crafted by Kevin McDonald and a quality cast makes it an entertaining watch.

5. Life of Pi

Life of Pi by director Ang Lee tells the story of a young boy named Pi Patel who survives a shipwreck disaster at sea as he is wheezed into journey of adventure and forms a bond with another survivor of the disaster, a Bengal Tiger. The connection he forms with this ferocious creature gives him the motivation he needs to survive. The movie is a beautiful and emotional tale of friendship, faith and perseverance and Ang lee has brilliantly weaved adventure and spirituality together.


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